RBC FOUNDER M. R. DeHaan was a physician who later in life became a pastor—well known for his gravelly voice and impassioned Bible teaching. His commitment to ministry was to lead people of all nations to personal faith and maturity in Christ.

So in 1938, from a small radio station in eastern Michigan, Detroit Bible Class was born. Suddenly the spiritual doctor was making house calls—to hundreds of thousands of Scripture-hungry listeners.

Even though he was an unlikely radio personality—with a rough, authoritative voice—the program worked to great effect. And Dr. DeHaan’s heavily underlined reflections on the Scripture quickly became a source of biblical wisdom for many. In response to his teaching, listeners asked for transcripts of the broadcast for use as study materials. These resources, soon in great demand, were the precursor of today’s widely distributed Discovery Series booklets.

From this spiritual foundation, the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based ministry continues to build upon the foundation of Dr. DeHaan’s vision and work. With commitment to the biblical principles set forth on the pages of this brochure, RBC Ministries today offers teaching resources to millions worldwide. While Dr. DeHaan began this ministry in his basement as a family operation, today the Lord has brought together a staff of over 300 Christian workers in our US headquarters.

The ministry has offices in 34 countries plus partners throughout the world who distribute RBC resources. Our signature publication, the daily devotional called Our Daily Bread, is translated into over 40 languages.

RBC Ministries changed its name from Radio Bible Class in 1994 to reflect the growth of services and resources we offer to friends worldwide.


Faithful to our purpose for more than 60 years, RBC continues to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all nations, helping them grow in Christlikeness and in the knowledge of God’s Word.

Rick DeHaan, grandson of M. R. DeHaan, currently leads the ministry. Through growth and many changes, RBC continues its commitment to Dr. DeHaan’s founding principles.

Dr. DeHaan was a leader who is remembered as a real man of God who loved the Lord and loved teaching His Word.

Richard DeHaan, often called “the encourager,” was committed to faithfulness to God’s Word and to integrity as a ministry. His favorite expression was “Trust in God and do the right.”

Current Content Director Mart DeHaan is known for his kindness, his concern for doctrinal accuracy, and for communicating the Word of God in a way that’s clear and to the point.